Commission info for Glax

Price Info

All commission types are currently closed
Telegram Sticker (Simple)

Telegram Sticker (Simple)

Not Available

Telegram sticker with simple contents (eg: Headshots, simple objects, etc)

Base price: 15€

Telegram Sticker (Complex)

Telegram Sticker (Complex)

Not Available

Telegram stickers but with more complex subjects (eg: full body, multiple characters, etc)

Base price: 30€

Animated Sticker (Simple)

Not Available

Simple animation (up to 3 seconds) with simple movements and subject matter.

Base price: 20€

Animated Sticker (Complex)

Not Available

More complex animations (up to 3 seconds) with more advanced effects, fullbody characters, etc.

Base price: 40€

Telegram Bot

Not Available

You get your own bot on telegram to generate images, animations, or other things.
For some examples of my bots see the list of my own bots.

Base price: 60€

Terms of service


You: the person or entity requesting the commission.

Me, I: Glax, the artist You are commissioning.

Work: the work produced by Glax for You under these terms.


By commissioning Me, You agree to these terms in full.

Unless otherwise specified, these terms apply to any work done by Me for You.

These terms may change at any time without notice, the version available when the commission is accepted by Me.

I will keep a very short queue of commissions pending completion. If You fail to get a commission slot because the queue is full, feel free to ask again at a later time.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

The Work is provided as-is, without any warranty of any kind, either expressed of implied.

In no event will I be held liable to You for any damages arising out of these terms or uses of the Work.

Subject Matters

Any characters to be depicted in the Work must be owned by You or You must have explicit permission to use them.

Commission Process

To enquire about available commissions You can message Me using any of the following contact methods:

You are responsible for providing all required information regarding the details of the commission.

You have to provide clear visual references for characters or other specific subjects in the commission.

The prices listed in this page are a baseline, for especially complex design the commission price might be higher. In such a case I will notify You of the price for the commission.

I reserve the right to decline commissions for any reason.

Requesting Changes

Changes related to obvious errors made by Me will be free of charge (this includes missing part of the references, or details discussed explicitly).
This offer is time-limited after the completion of the Work.

If references are ambiguous or You provide conflicting references, mismatching details in the Work don't count as errors.

A small amount of simple changes to the Work might be acceptable, but it's up to Me to decide whether they will be done for free.

If You request complex changes or several simple changes to the Work, there might be additional fees required for Me to perform such changes.


All prices are in Euros.

You are expected to pay in full before I start working on the commission.

Once I start working on a commission for You, the paid price becomes non-refundable.

If I cancel a commission for reasons not related to You, You will get a full or partial refund, depending on the circumstances.

Excessive complaints about prices will result in You being blacklisted from receiving any commission.

Breaking these terms might cause the commission to be dropped and payment will be forfeit.


General licensing terms

The Work will be provided to You with a non-exclusive license to publish and modify the Work but You must always provide attribution and You must retain the license in modified copies of the Work.

I retain all rights to the Work, including but not limited to the rights of publishing it, making changes to it, and profiting from it.

If You wish to have a different license agreement, this must be stated before I start working on the commission, as this might incur in a higher fee.

License for Audio-Visual Media

This section describes the licensing terms for audio-visual components of the Work.

You will receive the Work under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA license.

The binding text of the license is provided in the link above, a non-binding summary follows:

In particular You cannot use the Work to generate or be attached to any form of crypto currency or blockchain (This includes but is not limited to NFT).

I will also distribute the Work to the public under the teroms of the CC BY-NC-ND license. This means other people will have access to the Work but they will not be able to make changes.

License for Source Code

This section describes the licensing terms for the source code of the Work (this applies for bot commissions).

You will receive the Work under the terms of the AGPLv3+ license.

The binding text of the license is provided in the link above, a non-binding summary follows:

The terms are similar as with audio-visual components of the Work. You have the added right of being able to use the source code for commercial purposes but You must always provide notices of license and attribution.

Telegram Bots

This section describes some terms that only apply to telegram bot commissions.

You are responsible for registering the bot on Telegram and getting an API Token. For Your convenience, here's a FAQ item explaining the process.

You have the choice between getting a source-only commission and a hosted bot commission.

With a source-only commission, You get a bot with its source code but You are responsible for running the bot.

With a hosted bot commission, Your bot will run on My server, with an additional cost. Note that I will maintain my server but you will not obtain any additional support or warranty on the bot's uptime.
With this option You must provide a valid Telegram API Token to be used for the bot.

This choice must be expressed before the commission is accepted as hosted options will have an additional cost.

Additions or changes to the source code can be requested after the bot is completed but they might incur in additional fees.

Additional support for hosted bots can be arranged but it will incur in additional fees.

If as part of the bot commission additional media components are created (for example a base sticker that the bot uses to generate its content)

The bot output is licensed under the terms described in the section License for Audio-Visual Media.


How do I create stickers to a pack in Telegram?

Talk to the @Stickers bot. It has various commands to create or add stickers to your packs.

Note that Telegram doesn't support mixing static and animated tickers in the same pack.You have to create animated packs with a different command (/newanimated).

How do I credit you?

Linking to my website ( or any of the contact profiles mentioned in the terms is enough in most cases.

If adding stickers to your pack on Telegram, you must include my credit stickers:

How do I register bots in Telegram?

Talk to the @BotFather bot. It has various commands to manage your bots.

It has the command /newbot that guides you to the bot creation process, at the end of which it will provide with an API Token that you must use in order for the bot to connect to Telegram.

You can access the API Token or make changes to your bots at any time navigating the /mybots menus.