Dragon Telegram

UK Dragons [SFW]

Chat for dragons and fans of dragons in the UK. You don't have to be a dragon to be here but it helps! Admins @seadragom, @anthrax, @mattbas, do get in touch if you've got any issues, queries or feedback on how the chat is run!

Twurg hunderg sixderg dragone of the best dragons hang around in here.



Renders a "Some X. Get over it" image.

See also the some_dragons API


Renders a dragon clock.

See also the clock API


Inline bot generating memes at the expense of Glax.

See also the glax_says API


Similar to @GlaxSaysBot but shows the text around Glax.

See also the glax_seal API


Inline bot generating animated gifs at the expense of Glax.

See also the glax_screm API


Pokes fun to the old anti-piracy ads.

See also the you_wouldnt API


Shows Glax in the current weather.

See also the glax_weather API


Renders the brexit bus with custom text.

See also the brexit_bus API


Renders an "is this a pigeon?" meme with fursuits

See also the is_this_an_api API